do you feel stuck or lost or overwhelmed? do you feel anxious or depressed? do you struggle with other difficult emotions or thoughts or body sensations? is low self-worth bothering you? are you having challenges in your relationships?

if you answered yes to the above, psychotherapy might be the way to go. we can unpack together the core of your suffering and develop new ways of coping, reflect over values leading your life and the goals you are following.
we design the therapeutic process together regarding length and frequency and the emphasis on topics. I offer you a safe space, personal presence, compassion and mindful awareness. building on this stable ground I might use special therapy techniques ranging from mindfulness-based interventions, methods of Internal Family Systems to behavioral and cognitive therapy.
the deep trust in the capacity of human development and the neuroplasticity of our brains serves as a beacon in my work.

I am happy to offer you my help. please find further information here,

if you are a therapist or health worker and are looking for professional consultation, I can offer you 30-minutes sessions to discuss your questions

all great changes are preceded by chaos.

– Deepak Chopra