mindfulness is the loving awareness you can receive every moment with.

being present and welcoming whatever might be going on, gives you the freedom to respond instead of reacting to certain inner and outer impulses.
through mindfulness you can develop better concentration, more clarity and calm. people get more compassionate with themselves and others. so you never practice just for yourself, but also to be present for everyone and everything you encounter in you life.


in case you are already practicing mindfulness or mindfulness meditation, but also if you are just about to start and wish personal guidance, you can book a 30 minute mentoring session. we can address your questions and talk about all the various ways how mindfulness is teaching you.

I am happy to offer you my help. please find further information here,

the mind is like tofu. it tastes like whatever you marinate it in.

– Sylvia Boorstein


on demand

4-week introductory course

8-week mindful self-compassion course

half day retreat